Welcome to Sonbeams

Many times Jesus taught using simple things the common people were familiar with, such as seeds, animals, fig trees, crops, vineyards, and birds.

We at Sonbeams believe that today God is still using everyday things around us to show His love and to teach us about Himself. Many times we just have to look real close to see them.

These stories, called Sonbeams, are from our own life experiences…….things we believe God was teaching us, and we are sharing them with you ….to encourage you, to sometimes challenge you, and above all, to give God the glory.

Our story format is in a simple devotional style, with each Sonbeam designed to be read on its own rather than one-after-another. Sonbeams are short, true stories, written as they really happened, about simple, everyday things in life that God uses to help us learn more about Him.

We are learning to find God in places we wouldn’t normally look and to listen for Him a little differently than we are used to listening….. because He still cares and He still speaks to us.

It is a difficult world in which we live and we all need to see as much of Him as possible……everywhere we can. God has used some really surprising things from our everyday lives to teach us about Him…………like a dirty sink to show us about sin and forgiveness, a bug on a sidewalk to show us about walking His path, and cream in a cup of coffee as an example of spreading the joy we have in Him, just to name a few.

It is our prayer that your visit to Sonbeams today helps you in some way. Remember, He is all around us, trying to get our attention, using all His creation to point to Himself…….. because He loves us.