About Warren and Mary Beth

Mary Beth and Warren both teach Math at Tyler Junior College in Tyler, Texas. In fact, they met during the fall semester of 2002. Their story was actually written up in the campus newspaper under the heading of “Love Finds a Way at Potter Hall.”

After 20 years of hectic, metropolitan lifestyle, Mary Beth had inherited her parents’ house in Henderson, allowing her to escape the wilds of big-city life in Dallas, and embrace small-town life in East Texas. A short 35-minute drive down a tree-lined highway put Mary Beth at her job and in perfect position for the next phase of God’s plans for her life.

During the previous two years, God had saved Warren’s life through miracle after miracle. Warren was just returning to teaching at TJC after a two-year absence when he was hired to assist Mary Beth in one of her Math classes. Wow, what a God-incidence!

Warren and Mary Beth were married March 8, 2003, in the backyard of Mary Beth’s house, complete with doves cooing in the trees. Together they have six grown children: Shannon, Warren II, Joy, Jason (who goes by Crash), Matt, and Crystal. They also have five and a half grandchildren: Kenny, Zachary, Avery, Aedyn, Cade and soon-to-be-born Kaedynce.

They still live in the house in Henderson, along with their two very spoiled dogs, Coco and Delilah. (Who on earth names their dog Delilah? Well, when your old dog is named Sampson, and you get a new female puppy, what else would you name her? Besides, Delilah sounds great in East Texan – “De-li-lah! Get yourself in this house!”)

Life is good! Don’t ya’ think? As Mary Beth says, “We love our small town life!” And Warren agrees!

2021 Update: Warren passed from this life in August of 2021. We, his family, are working on this website and the two books to honor his memory. Mary Beth tutors math from her home in Henderson and lives with her two dogs Sammy and Rascal. As much as we miss Warren here on earth, life is still good for us here in Henderson… and even better for him now in Heaven!