About Sonbeams

What is the purpose of Sonbeams?

Sonbeams is mostly bits and pieces of everyday life, and is dedicated to lifting up, building up, challenging and encouraging others in today’s hectic world. I believe we become so involved in ‘stuff’ of this world that we tend to overlook and forget about things of real value….. each other, relationships, love, and God.

How did Sonbeams start?

Following the death of my wife, Jean, in August of ’99, people told me how she had helped them in many ways. She was a really neat person, was very loved and appreciated, but she never knew how many people she touched. She needed that encouragement, but for the most part few ever told her. I thought many others probably felt that way about themselves, too.  I started Sonbeams to a very small list of friends and family, hoping to help and encourage them in some way.  And Sonbeams simply grew from there. We all need encouragement.…….. even on the Internet.

Why the name Sonbeams?

For a while in 1996, Jean distributed Christian books in stores, fairs, truck stops, etc. The name she chose for her company was Sonbeams. Therefore I use it now.

Who wrote them?

My name is Warren Powell. When I first began Sonbeams in September of 1999, many were from the Internet, and some were ones I had written. If they are not my own, I give credit to the author. These days I write almost all of them myself.

What can be done with Sonbeams stories?

Most Sonbeams are forwarded to friends and other groups by email, even printed and passed out by hand and have been used in churches, Sunday schools and Bible studies. They have been read aloud at meetings, funerals and in church services. Some have even been used for study groups in South Africa. Isn’t that wonderful? It is a fantastic ‘God thing’ the way that someone can scribble out some words in the woods of East Texas and through the marvel of the electronic world, none of us knows who all will get to read them. Sonbeams may be used to further encourage others, however they are copyrighted which means they cannot be used for profit. Should you have any questions about Sonbeams, please write Mary Beth at powellsonbeams@gmail.com .